CROWNSHY - Collective Art Show | OUTPOST | Azenhas do Mar
Mar 3, 2023

CROWNSHY - Collective Art Show

Curated by Max Frisinger

In November 2021, we invited contemporary artist, friend, and frequent guest Max Frisinger to take over OUTPOST - Casa das Arribas and curate a collective art show. Renowned for his site-specific installations with found objects, Max was drawn to the challenge of working with OUTPOST’s distinctive architecture by Raul Lino, along with its unique setting and interior. Using the hotel spaces as a pre-formed canvas, he seamlessly integrated artworks from 30 Portuguese and international artists into OUTPOST's 7 apartments and the 10,000sqm garden on the cliff.

Stefan RinkStefan Rink

~ Stefan Rink

Participating Artists

Rui Calçada Bastos • Jennifer Bennett • FORT • Patricia Geraldes • Joana Gonçalves Pereira • Dalila Gonçalves • Christian Haake • Daniel Hauptmann • Hannah Hallermann • Volker Hüller • Clara Imbert • John Isaacs • Evy Jokhova • Yu Lin Humm • Rui Matos • Dirk Meinzer • Olaf Metzel • Monika Michalko • Adrien Missika • Shana Moulton • Henrique Pavão • Jorge Queiroz • Natalia Stachon • Andrea Stappert • Stefan Rinck • Tarron Ruiz Avilla • Hannes Waldschütz • Maria Wallace



Stefan RinkStefan Rink

~ Stefan Rink

 John Isaacs John Isaacs

~ John Isaacs

Andrea StappertAndrea Stappert

~ Andrea Stappert

Stefan RinkStefan Rink

~ Stefan Rink

Crownshy at OUTPOST

~ Max Frisinger

Natalia StachonNatalia Stachon

~ Natalia Stachon

 Monika Michalko Monika Michalko

~ Monika Michalko

Daniel Hauptmann / Rui MatosDaniel Hauptmann / Rui Matos

~ Daniel Hauptman

John IsaacsJohn Isaacs

~ John Isaacs

Christian HaakeChristian Haake

~ Christian Haake

Hannah HallermannHannah Hallermann

~ Hannah Hallermann

 Rui Matos Rui Matos

~ Rui Matos

© Pictures by Rodrigo Cardoso