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Jul 25, 2021

Autumn Get-away in Portugal

Are you thinking about a sunny and peaceful trip this autumn? Our region in Sintra by the coast might just be the perfect choice for you -- it’s the best time of the year to visit our OUTPOST holiday apartments on the cliff near Lisbon. In September, October and all the way into November weather conditions are near perfect for a holiday get-away. The ocean is still relatively warm, the sun is strong, clouds are rare, wind is soft, beaches and surf spots are empty, and seafood is at its best.

Here are 5 reasons, why autumn is the best season for a holiday trip to Portugal.

1. Warm sun and less wind

Laid-back autumn vibesLaid-back autumn vibes

Towards the end of August and beginning of September the heat in Lisbon starts to fade. This means that the summer-mist in the mornings caused by the Sintra micro climate disappears. We then have long 11 to 12 hours of sunshine per day in September with fabulous average temperature of 26°C. Temperatures remain comfortable in October with an average of 21°C and even all the way into November. The winds will be less strong adding to the idyllic autumn season. Towards the end of November, a little more humidity and more frequent rain showers signal that beach season is coming to an end and first winter storms may start to appear on the charts. Late autumn is the time for extended hikes along the coast or in the mystic hills of Sintra, for tennis matches on our court, open-air gym workouts and yoga sessions in the afternoon sun.

The Atlantic Ocean reaches its warmest temperature around the beginning of September, usually up to 20 degrees. Most years it remains around that temperature until the end October, making dips in the sea a refreshing delight.

2. Surf in on!

Equipment for your autumn surf holidaySurf rack

Autumn is prime surf season here in Portugal. The wave conditions are very consistent in September, October and November. Strong ground-swells roll in regularly and deliver head to over-head high waves. A lack of waves will definitely not be the issue during your autumn surf trip. Wind is often soft and off-shore, grooming excellent waves.

Our favourite local surf spots like Praia Grande, Praia das Maças, Praia Aguda and Praia do Magoito come to life. There is always one of our local spots that works for various levels of surf experience depending of wave size, tides, winds and swell direction.

You can explore the breaks by yourself or you team up with our surf instructors. They will always know where to go to score the best rides. They can arrange any type of equipment for you, including short-boards, long-boards, soft-boards, body-boards and wetsuits. And what is the best about surfing here in autumn: summer crowds are gone and you surf with few other surfers in the water. On our home-beach right next to our apartment complex OUTPOST - Casa das Arribas, we are often just by ourselves in the water during our autumn surf sessions.

3. More bang for your buck

nullUpgrade your autumn get-away

Planning your holiday trip in autumn means everything is less expensive compared to peak-season. After the summer craziness, flight rates and car rental prices drop quite a bit. And the OUTPOST holiday apartments are no exception. We have lower rates for our apartments starting from the beginning of September and we have another seasonal rates-drop in November. Why not use this extra money for an upgrade to a more spacious apartment or for an extended stay? Our off-season is very popular with our regulars, also for longer stays. We suggest to book well in advance as we might not have any availability for last minute bookings. And yes, we love our repeat-visit guests. Try our place in a new season, we are sure you will love the laid-back autumn vibe.

4. Beat the crowds

nullIMG 0126

One of the best things about anti-cyclical and off-season travelling is the lack of crowds. Have the beaches almost for yourself, while everyone else is back home at the office. It’s a special atmosphere in September, October and November to enjoy some walks along the cliffs and down to the beach into the sand. Spontaneously walk into any seafront restaurant without reservation and get a good table. We can provide you with great suggestions in our the area. City excursions to Lisbon or Sintra are much more enjoyable without the tourist crowds. It's a chance to experience the beauty and calmness of everyday life in the streets.

5. It’s seafood season! 

nullSeafood season autumn

A Portuguese country wisdom says that you shall not eat mussels in months without an ‘r’. And indeed, May, June, July and August are not the best months. Oysters and mussels are less tasty then. From September onwards is the ideal season. Not only for mussels and shellfish but also for the local fish such as sea bass, sea bream and red snapper. Village fishermen catch them from the rocks, down the cliff in front of our house. It does not get any fresher than that! We have a very good fish monger in the village market who has everything you will need for your seafood feast.

Or we can arrange a private chef to come to your holiday residency to cook for you and your family or friends during your autumn get-away at OUTPOST. The BBQ of the catch of the day by our resident-grill-master is a real treat. Just let us know when you feel like have a special supper and he will work his magic!