Journal: "how I asked her to marry me at the Atlantic coastline" -
Mar 4, 2021

Journal: "how I asked her to marry me at the Atlantic coastline"

Outpost is the place along the Atlantic coastline where special memories are created. Read this personal guest article from one of our dearest visitors. A while ago we gladly helped him ask his girlfriend the most important question of his life.

"It was on a Tuesday afternoon, that I decided I was going to pop the question. Me and her, we had been together for 5 years, yet we never talked about making it official. To be honest, I had no idea if she wanted to. So I was nervous, and I knew that I wanted to make it special. How? I had no idea, so I started googling romantic holiday apartments worldwide I could take her. It needed to be a special place, one that really matches who we are. Not mainstream,  over-crowded, but intimate and idyllic. Preferably with a beautiful coastline, because we both love the sea. And that is how I found Outpost; one-of-a-kind holiday apartments in the middle of the Portuguese rural landscape."

Holiday apartments add to your romantic experience so that you do not only enjoy a comfortable stay but also live like a local in your home away from home. 
1.5 reasons to take your lover to a holiday apartment (and not a hotel)

Holiday apartment: finding a place for the two of us

"We had a few rough years behind us, both working too much and dealing with a lot of stress. We hardly had any quality time together. This had a huge impact on our relationship, and we both struggled to make it work. Now that our lives are more peaceful, I think we’re ready to take the next step. But if that’s really the case, i’m not sure. My plan was to find a place where we could enjoy the ultimate quality time together. A place where we could reconnect,  talk about ourselves, about life and the future. Outpost offered us a remarkable holiday apartment with the the right ambiance, an authentic loft space at the cliff with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. Serenity, relaxation and beauty. And as soon as I saw the authentic fireplace, I knew she was going to love this house. Not only did I know we would both enjoy this particular holiday apartment, I imagined it would be amazing to discover the Sintra coastline together. We are both surf lovers, and I knew that after all these years of not surfing she wanted to get back in the water. Here in Portugal,  I would find the perfect place to ask the question."

If you are looking for a romantic getaway for you and your loved one, you might be wondering if you should pick a hotel or a holiday apartment4.5 reasons to take your lover to a holiday apartment (and not a hotel)

Holiday apartment: a romantic surprise

"The plan was to surprise my partner with a trip to Portugal, and take her to our holiday apartment in Azenhas do Mar. I told her we were meeting my parents there, and that it would be a family reunion. Little did she know that we were about to go on an adventurous trip together, and that I would ask her the most exciting question I had every asked her. Would she say yes? I wasn’t sure, because we had never talked about it. But I was sure enough that she would love this vacation anyway, so I had that to my advantage. Arriving at the airport we rented a car and drove to our holiday apartment in Azenhas do Mar. When we arrived I saw the surprised face of my partner, she was amazed. “Look at this view, look at this view”, she kept repeating. I literally saw the stress falling from her shoulders. I believe it is the impact of the coastline, we both instantly relax when we are close to the ocean. Me and my partner started discovering the beautiful Casa das Arribas, the main building at Outpost. Although I knew what our beautiful loft house looked like, I had no idea about the stretched out garden. We walked around for an hour, enjoyed the sunset and drank a glass of local wine. Finally I told her my family wasn't coming, but that it was just going to be me and her. Surprise! She loved it. And couldn't stop talking about how happy she was to be here. First part of my mission accomplished, she was happy with my atlantic surprise. But would she say yes to my question?"

How to enjoy your baby-friendly holiday apartment in PortugalBaby-friendly holiday apartment
If you are looking for a romantic getaway for you and your loved one, you might be wondering if you should pick a hotel or a holiday apartment5 reasons to take your lover to a holiday apartment (and not a hotel)

Holiday apartment: surfing and discovering the sintra coastline

"The next day we woke up early to watch the sunrise, it was the most beautiful moment so far. The light was mesmerizing, the air fresh and salty, and the waves excellent for surfing. We decided to drive to Ericeira, a surftown nearby. When we arrived we were both happily surprised, every little corner of this whitewashed fishing village exhales surf vibes. This town seems like a combination between Mexico’s Baja California and Australia’s Gold Coast. Places me and my partner have both surfed before, but never did we find a little town with such a cozy vibe. We hooked up with some Australian surfers from Surfcamp Ericeira, the surfer community of Ericeira. The rest of the day we spent surfing and catching the most incredible waves at São Julião. It was an amazing day never to forget, we both completely relaxed, and I almost forgot the reason I took my partner here. With salt in our hair and our cheeks slightly sunburned, we drove back to our holiday apartment. I started to feel nervous, when would I ask the question? And where was the best place to do it?" 


baby-friendly holiday apartment in PortugalBeach/baby-friendly holiday apartment in Portugal

 Holiday apartment: the most nervous moment of my life

"The next day we decided to relax at our holiday apartment. We hang by the pool and both spent the whole day reading. Meanwhile, we had some beautiful conversations about the future, which gave me even more courage to ask her the question. But still, clumsy as I am, how to create the perfect moment. I started googling places in the area, such as historical towns, castles and gardens. I finally decided i was going to keep it simple, and so I approached Chris the owner of Outpost, and asked him if he could put together a picnic basket with good wine and food. I then had a little bit of a crisis situation, as I couldn't find the ring. What a disaster! Here I was, all ready and prepared to ask my partner the most important question of our lives, and I had lost the ring? After two hours of stress, I finally found it in a small pocket in my backpack. What a relief. Finally, I was ready. I hid the ring inside the bread, and carefully closed the basket. But then another another obstacle appeared. When I asked my partner to go for a walk, she said she wasn't in the mood. This was going to be difficult. I showed her the basket filled with food and wine, and convinced her to go for a short walk. “We wouldn't want to miss out on the beautiful sunset do we?” We walked for half an hour, while the waves were peaceful and the sky was serene. When we sat down to enjoy our picnic, I began to become a bit nervous. This was the moment, this was it. I started to make some stupid jokes, which actually made her laugh at me. “You are the silliest person I know”, she said. I lost my confidence at that moment, would she also laugh at me seeing the ring? At this moment I had nothing to lose anymore, so I asked her if she wanted to break the bread, while I opened the wine. Her breaking the bread, it seemed to take hours and hours, before she finally noticed the little shiny object inside. “Hey there is something inside the bread”, she said. No shit, I thought. When she saw the ring she was silent for quite some time, while I was deadly afraid of her rejection. But then something unexpected happened, she started to cry. And as I looked into her eyes, I told her how much I loved her and asked her the question I was preparing for all this time.

And guess what, she said yes. After which we enjoyed the most beautiful sunset of our lives." 

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