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Dec 1, 2022

Top 7 Sintra Beaches

If you ever set the goal to reach the extreme western point on the map of Eurasia, the road will lead you to Cabo da Roca and the magical Portuguese city of Sintra. This beautiful resort town can be the best door to the Atlantic coast. Its importance for Portugal is evidenced by the fact that as many as four royal palaces, and other royal residences, are located here. And this is no coincidence because Sintra offers access to numerous unique beaches. Many picturesque places have made this region a favorite holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. Each beach off the coast has its own atmosphere and character. Since Sintra-Cascais Natural Park is washed by the ocean from two sides, the movement of the sun, winds, and waves will be unique in every corner of this paradise. Do you want to find a combination of natural elements that suits you personally the most? Then embark on a journey to the beaches of Sintra that will reveal the ocean in its most diverse manifestations.

Praia da Adraga

Most Impressive Sintra Beaches 

Sintra has become a beloved harbor for surfers around the world due to its openness to westerly winds. This arrangement gives strong waves for lovers of this water sport. It’s not only ocean waves or its calmness that attract visitors from all over the world. The unique views of the coastal zone create a unique flair of vastness, carelessness, and grandeur. The coastal strip cut by sheer and jagged rocks generates incredibly beautiful and majestic landscapes that inspired many poets, composers, and philosophers. Having looked at these beaches in Sintra at least once in tourist catalogs and guidebooks, you will surely want to visit each of them.

Praia de São Julião

1. Praia da Ursa 

If you love solitude, jagged rocks, and beautiful legends, this place will captivate you with its unique history and spirit. It is closest to Cabo da Roca, so after visiting the famous lighthouse on this cape, go down to the sea. Swimming here is too risky because of the rough waves and rocky shore. However, the beauty of this place is so impressive that you should visit it first.

Praia da Ursa

How to get there: First, you need to get from Sintra to the Cabo da Roca lighthouse by bus 403. The trip will take about 40 minutes and will bring you to the Visitor Center, near which the trail with a descent to this stunning beach begins.

2. Praia do Magoito

Another beach, little known to tourists but popular among surfers and local families, is located at the foot of the cliffs. These sedimentary rocks are many million years old. If you want to visit beaches in Sintra,where the bottom of the ocean was in prehistoric times, go to Praia do Magoito. This place is considered a geo-monument of humanity due to the traces of the activities of ancient people that were found on these consolidated dunes. The landscapes of Praia do Magoito impress with their timeless grandeur and the connection of times. 

Praia do Magoito

How to get there: This beach is only a 25-minute drive from the center of Sintra. Take bus number 444, which runs at intervals of 1–1.5 hours, and go until the final stop.

3. Praia da Adraga 

One of the most stunning beaches, not only in Sintra but in all of Europe, is visually hidden from casual travelers. To find it, you need to go down the mountains to a small bay. On both sides, it is closed by large rocks, near which jagged stones of a smaller size are scattered in intriguing natural patterns. When the sea is rough, it is not safe to swim here because of the rocks and strong currents. And at low tide, you can find many alluring caves that enchant visitors with their mysteries.

Praia da Adraga - 2

How to get there: Since the access road is narrow and winding, buses do not go there. However, buses 439 or 403 can be taken from Sintra to the small village of Almosageme. From there, the beach car parking can be reached by car or on foot. You will find signs along the way, so it is not possible to get lost there. The walk will take a little over 20 minutes.

4. Praia da Samarra 

Another remote Sintra beach, which is a real masterpiece of nature, is called Samarra. Due to its inaccessibility for tourists, it has become a real reserve for all kinds of fauna and flora, such as the Roman carnation. It is now difficult to find it anywhere else besides this region. Despite its small size, not even reaching 50 meters in length, Samarra beach will make an indelible impression on any traveler. The water here is unusually clear, and the beauty of this place rewards those travelers who decide to discover its uniqueness.

Praia da Samarra

How to get here: From Sintra to Samarra, you can take bus number 443. The walk from the bus stop to the beach will take just over 15 minutes. You need to go down to it along a hiking trail from above, but the descent is quite steep. Alternatively, you can choose a flatter bypass road, making your way safer but losing the thrill. 

5. Praia das Maçãs 

If you are tired of hard-to-reach beaches that delight with their wild nature, it's time to visit Praia das Maçãs. This place is the easiest to get to, especially since you can drive to this amazing sandy beach on a unique old tram. Unlike other beaches near Sintra, there are no stone cliffs that make swimming extremely dangerous. Therefore, Praia das Maçãs is not only the most accessible but also one of the most inhabited beaches. Because of the wide sandy coastal zone, it is loved by families with children. Families are offered a lot of entertainment here, such as water rides, swimming pools, and playgrounds, making the experience with children even more delightful. For adults, there are also traditional places for recreation in the resort town: bars, restaurants, shops, and much more. The absence of sharp stones and wide floods of waves create the best conditions for surfing and board riding. Surfers from all over the world fall in love with Praia das Maçãs. They are now regular guests here and enjoy safe surfing. 

Praia das Maçãs

How to get there: If you want to combine a trip to the beach with time travel, head to the center of Sintra to the terminus of the old tram. It has been taking this route since 1904. The trip will take a long time, about 45 minutes. However, you can admire the mountains and the boundless ocean along the way. If you want to get there twice as fast, take bus number 441, which runs there every hour. 

6. Praia Grande 

It is no coincidence that this beach has such a grandiose name. Compared to the delightful little Samarra, which is 50 meters long, or other beaches in Sintra, it is simply a giant. The golden sandy strip, surrounded by beautiful rocks, stretches for as much as 2 kilometers. There is enough space for all visitors. And in case of a storm, a luxurious huge pool is installed here on a hill. There, you can safely swim in any weather. The waves here are higher than on Praia das Maçãs, so for surfers and bodyboarders, this option takes the top 1 position. It even hosts the World and European Championships in water sports, including extremely popular surfing. 

Praia Grande

How to get there: It is very convenient to travel to this popular place from Sintra. Two buses, 441 and 439, will bring you to Praia Grande. There is also a large parking lot for cars for those who want to travel with more personal comfort. It will take a little more than half an hour to drive from Sintra, but the contemplation of the beauties of these places will make the trip quick and exciting. 

7. Praia de São Julião 

This northernmost Sintra beach has also become one of the most popular gathering places for surfers to enjoy the waves. Due to the very windy weather here, the waves are very strong and exciting. This is exactly what surfers like – they are charged here with the energy of waves, wind, rocks, sun, and sand. At low tide, it is especially beautiful at the Praia de São Julião. So, if you are lucky enough to get here during this period, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape that opens up under the regular level of water.

Praia de São Julião -2

How to get there: Since this is the most distant beach in the district, it will take about 40 minutes to get to it from Sintra. Take bus route 202 or cover this 20 km distance faster by car. 

Where to Stay in Sintra? 

Once having visited the amazing beaches of Sintra, you will surely want to come back here for new impressions. To make your stay as comfortable as possible, you can choose the most suitable type of accommodation with the Outpost platform. The company offers apartments with powerful ocean views. Staying in such a place, you can admire it at any time of the day, not just while visiting the precious beaches. Two locations proposed by Outpost are a complex of cottages and all kinds of apartments suitable for families or individual vacations.

Casa das Arribas

Casa das Arribas 

If you want to contemplate the coast from the extreme western point of the Eurasian continent to Ericeira, visit Casa das Arribas. This luxurious estate was designed by the famous architect Raul Lino. It embodies the high taste of an architectural idea adapted to the original landscape of a natural hill above the Atlantic Ocean. And at the same time, it is the most comfortable housing with thefollowing amenities: 

● Huge communal garden of ten thousand square meters; 

● Tennis and basketball court; 

● Swimming pool; 

● Outdoor gym with modern sports equipment; 

● Finnish sauna overlooking the ocean; 

● Contrasting hot and cold outdoor baths; 

● Yoga studio; 

● Barbecue area; 

● Well-equipped kitchens and luxurious apartments. 

If you are fond of surfing at beaches in Sintra, you can order individual or group lessons, as well as all the necessary surfing equipment.

Ocean Casitas

Ocean Casitas 

These romantic cottages are also located on the hillside in the village of Azeñas do Mar. Perched on the edge of a cliff, the terrace hangs directly over the ocean. Stopping here, you will always be near the Atlantic Ocean, feeling its mood and contemplating the change of colors. Four cottages of modern design with high ceilings up to 5 meters are offered for short- and long-term rent. 

● A distinctive feature of this location is a huge terrace from which you can admire the beautiful sunsets over the ocean. The sea is located 60 meters below the terrace, but guests are properly protected from the winds thanks to the special design of the buildings. It will be comfortable here even with a raging ocean. 

● In addition to the common terrace, each cottage has its own terrace equipped with an elegant table and chairs. If you prefer privacy, no one will disturb the calm contemplation of the majestic ocean. 

● The apartments are equipped with fireplaces and underfloor heating. Travelers who prefer to go on holiday in the cool season will appreciate the temperature conditions and comfort of the rooms. 

● The cottages have kitchens with all the necessary equipment, utensils, and even basic ingredients for cooking. However, if you prefer to take a break from cooking, the magical chefs from the friendly Outpost team will prepare delicious dishes from a varied menu of the most popular cuisines of the world.

From any of the apartments offered by the Outpost, you can easily get to any of the unique Sintra beaches. You can also order excursions along the coast or in the iconic places of the district. The history of this area is great as it was a favorite vacation spot for the nobility and the royal family. Come and see our warm, sunny, and comfortable apartments. Seeing them at least once, you will fall in love with these hills and beautiful, sunny and architecturally impeccable cottages. All of the beaches near Sintra deserve your attention, and we will try to show the hospitality of the Portuguese in its best traditions. Come for a luxury holiday, stunning natural views, and an unforgettable experience in Sintra!