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Aug 14, 2021

Unveiling our Yoga Studio

We are very glad to unveil the sea-view yoga studio on the property of OUTPOST - Casa das Arribas. It adds plenty of possibilities to make your stay with us even  more relaxing and fun. The newly-built structure is ready to be used for individual indoor yoga or training sessions by all our guests. And it's the perfect addition to our setup as a yoga retreat location in Portugal, especially in lower season when the weather becomes more unpredictable. Find all the details and new possibilities below.

Sustainably built to last

The yoga studio is a free-standing building right next to the spa area with its Finnish sauna, hot tub and ice tub. It is built from local and natural materials, predominantly Portuguese pine wood. The inside of the yoga room is a 7.5m x 9m open space with two wooden pillars holding the structure. Sliding floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the entire side of the building facing the ocean open the view to the horizon, wherever you are in the room. Slide the doors to the side to unite the inside space with the terrace deck on the outside.

The yoga building is seemingly pushed into the hill of the rising terrain. A concrete back-wall contains the earth. It is exposed on the inside giving the room a rougher yet friendly vibe. All the rest of the building, i.e. roof, ceiling, floor and walls are made of wood. This helps to create a very comfortable indoor climate as the wood absorbs any extra humidity when needed and releases it when possible. The building is well isolated and the fire place can heat up the space quickly for those early morning yoga sessions in the colder half of the year. The untreated wood on the outside is a living material which will gradually lose its yellow wood colour as it is exposed to wind, rain and sun. It will turn silver-grey over time and blend in more and more with the surrounding garden and landscape.

The yoga studio is a free-standing building, built from local and natural materials, predominantly Portuguese pine wood. Yoga building with sustainable and local materials

The Roof-top Deck

The flat overhanging roof is a prominent design feature of the yoga studio.We created a path going up and around the building. Via a few steps form the back you can access the 6m x 6m wooden roof top deck. From here you have breath-taking views looking over the spa, the Pool House, the pool, the Casa das Arribas main house and the Garden Cabana.... and of course the Atlantic Ocean in the background. The deck is made to just hang-out, maybe have a morning coffee and enjoy the view, or for a meditation and yoga session.

 6m x 6m wooden roof top deck just to hang-out, or maybe have a morning coffee and enjoy the view, or for a meditation and yoga sessionRooftop yoga deck with spectacular views

Yoga Equipment Available

We have yoga equipment available for our guests to use for their practices. Mats, blocks and belts are high-quality props made by the UK brand Yogamatters: Yoga mats with a 4.5mm cushioning to protect knees and joints, made of non-toxic materials (6-P Free and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX(r) certified). The blocks are 22cm x 11cm x 7cm, made from high grade, non-toxic foam. The 2m classic belts with a sliding bar metal buckle are made from 100% natural cotton, ideal for Iyengar yoga practices.

Yoga equipment made by the UK brand Yogamatters is available for your sessions: Mats, blocks and belts.High-quality yoga equipment available

Organize your Yoga Retreat in Portugal

The new yoga studio makes OUTPOST - Casa das Arribas a complete location for yoga retreats with all facilities. It provides a spacious inside practice room for colder or windier days for 15 -20 yogis, and a unique rooftop yoga deck with a panoramic view. Our 7 apartments have a total of 9 bedrooms. All beds can be separated and set up as two singles. The spacious dining room of the Ocean Saloon apartment turns into a communal dining and meeting area in our retreat setup. The spa and wellness area is great to relax in between yoga practices. Feeling like participating in a yoga retreat in Portugal? Get in touch for information about yoga retreats planned in the near future or for more info about the possibilities to organise your own yoga retreat here at OUTPOST - Casa das Arribas new Lisbon. We can provide 20 mats, 40 blocks and 20 belts for the participants, and we have catering partners with tasty and heathy options, including vegan, vegetarian and organic.

Ideal to organize yoga retreats in PortugalYoga Studio

Book a yoga teacher during your stay

Enjoy your stay in one of our holiday apartments, here in Portugal 40min from Lisbon, with a balanced body and mind. Book a private yoga class with Emilie. She will compose a personalized yoga class to meet your preferred style, level and intensity. Emily is an experienced yoga teacher who will guide you through a supportive and enjoyable practice outside or in the yoga studio.

Indoor space for private events

While we built the yoga studio with this one purpose in mind, the space is also suitable as an indoor option for smaller private events. About 40 people can have a comfortable sit-down dinner on two long tables and enjoy the ocean view. Corporate off-sites can use it as a meeting room or  office space. Internet is fast thanks to a dedicated wifi access point in the yoga space. Sound system and beamer are available.

Sea-view yoga studio on the property of OUTPOST - Casa das Arribas in Sintra, Portugal.Yoga studio with a view