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Oct 20, 2022

5 Best Restaurants Azenhas do Mar of the Sea

Azenhas do Mar of the sea restaurants attract a huge number of visitors with a variety of gourmet dishes. Both Portuguese dishes and more exotic ocean products can surprise you with a unique taste. All restaurants are close to OUTPOST, so you can go there even on foot or by car, which will take not more than 15 minutes.

Best restaurants in Azenhas do Mar that you must visit

Please, check the list of restaurants that will not leave anyone indifferent, whether due to cuisine or unbelievable views and designs.


nullCafe das Patricias

This is one of the hidden restaurants in Azenhas do Mar — there are no signs outside that will lead you to the restaurant. Cafe Patricia offers visitors delicious dishes of traditional Portuguese cuisine. For cooking, fresh products are used, which are purchased from local farmers, fishermen, and divers.

The choice of dishes depends on the season. OUTPOST recommends that each restaurant visitor pays special attention to the following dishes:

● Polvo Alagareiro (octopus in olive oil with garlic and potatoes)

● Pickled veal liver

● Baked codfish with cornbread crust

● Stewed rabbit

● Porco a Alentejano (a traditional dish combining slow-cooked pork with shellfish)

● Caldeirada (fish stew with monkfish, rays, clams, and shrimp)

You can also order food from this restaurant to your OUTPOST apartment.



This restaurant in Azenhas do Mar with the same name is located on the rocks above the sea. This place offers an amazing view that will make your stay in the restaurant even more romantic. The menu offers a variety of seafood dishes and unique wines from the vineyards located right on the hill by the sea. In this heavenly place, both locals and many visitors to Azenhas do Mar love to dine. OUTPOST strongly recommends visiting this place to all lovers of seafood and wine, especially since it can be reached on foot in 10 minutes from our apartments.



The once abandoned windmill has been renovated to become an upscale restaurant in Azenhas do Mar of the sea. Moinho Iberico invites all meat lovers to dine as it is here that an experienced chef knows the ideal temperature to cook the most delicious steak for you. In a special room, visitors can smoke while waiting for their orders.

When visiting this restaurant, you should definitely try the local homemade steak. But this is far from the only dish in Moinho Iberico. The menu includes such unusual dishes as whole grilled octopus, "Iberian pork lizards", entrecote, and others. You can reach the restaurant in just 10 minutes by car from the OUTPOST apartment.


nullNortada 2

Nortada is one of the best Azenhas do Mar of the sea restaurants that will delight all lovers of fish dishes. In addition to fresh fish from the ocean, visitors can taste excellent quality local wine. Your lunch will be brightened up by a magnificent view from the windows as the restaurant is located just high above the Praia Grande beach. Rest assured: even at this altitude, the wind will not bother you.

Fresh fish and seafood dishes are a feature of the local cuisine. Visitors who have been to Nortada speak particularly well of steamed sea bass. Fishermen catch it next to the local rocks, and cooks add garlic, coriander, and olive oil sauce to the fish. Another popular Nortada dish is stingray in butter sauce with capers. It takes only about 10 minutes by car from the OUTPOST apartment to get to this restaurant and dine with fish dishes.



First of all, the restaurant will delight visitors with its interior. Adega, which translates as a winery, offers far more than just wine. Residents from other cities not only in Portugal but also in the world come to this place to try traditional Portuguese cuisine. One of the most popular local dishes is sea bream, which is caught in the rocks next to OUTPOST and immediately brought to the restaurant. There is another feature that sets Adega apart from other Azenhas do Mar of the sea restaurants. The owner of this place is also an outstanding artist. Coastal landscape lovers can buy his paintings. You can get to Adega in 5 minutes from the OUTPOST apartments. It's almost instantaneous compared to some restaurant patrons who travel here from Lisbon.